Akin Alamu

Akin Alamu

Lead Consultant, Highrank Curriculum

Akin Alamu is an author, conference speaker, training contents developer and education sector development and management specialist with multi-sectoral experience spanning school planting and management, curriculum development and evaluation, teacher engagement/development, resources development and education marketing.

He has a background in Education and Communication Arts from the University of Ibadan Nigeria. During his teaching career that spanned over two decades, he successfully taught the British, Nigerian and International Baccalaureate curricula to students of diverse backgrounds and orientation. He has also worked as Education Partnerships Manager at the British Council.

Akin is currently the CEO/Head Consultant at HighRank Curriculum, an education training development and management company. Akin focuses on empowering teachers, students and schools with time-relevant skills and competencies. Akin is a published author of five books on education practice and skills development including Citizenship Education for Global Awareness and 21st Century Teaching: Teachers’ Manual.

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